Commonly mis-pronounced and misspelled, my name is twee-lon.  That’s not really how it’s spelled, but that’s definitely how it’s said.  It’s actually spelled Thuy Lan.  Yes, two words.  One name. Five feet tall.mountainI’ve never known or do I suspect that I will ever know how to cook for one—which I’m sure my friends and co-workers love.  Instead of reading expensive college textbooks cover to cover like I should, I’m making sure I maintain a social media presence, looking at pictures of corgis and food on the internet and adding songs to some guilty pleasure pop music playlist.

While listening to said playlist, you can often find me in the kitchen trying to make the most of a college student’s limited kitchen and budget.  I take on endeavors like the French macaron and trying to modify pork carnitas for a cute slow cooker I bought on sale at Target.  When I’m not cooking or baking, chances are I’m eating or watching Netflix…Or doing all sorts of homework.


I’m a Wisconsinite at heart (go Packers!) living in the middle of the desert.  I traded living in a freezer for living in an oven while pursuing a degree in broadcast journalism.  I’m halfway through my undergraduate education at Arizona State…so if you have a job opening for me, I’ll be there soon!

I created this blog to share my kitchen experiences with more than just my co-workers and to show fellow college students that making food other than ramen noodles and hot pockets really isn’t all that hard.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Wait, okay. So i don’t know why I’m just discovering this blog. How long have you had it? I love it. Also, I didn’t know you were from Wisconsin. K. Why aren’t we better friends?!!

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