Thai Tea

thaiteatitle I’ve been neglecting this blog, but it’s not by choice. Well…technically, kind of by choice.  BUT the choice of succeeding in my education over blogging about food. That and spending time with my friends and happy hours oops #sorrynotsorry. Apologies to anyone who reads this and really missed updates or was looking for recipes to impress that hunk/beauty you’ve been pining after (because my recipes can totally win them over???).

The blog hasn’t been the only thing I’ve neglected though. I’ve stopped visiting the gym, my stove hasn’t spent a lot of time with me and I haven’t been to the grocery store all that often. My busy schedule leads me to find comfort and ease in food other people have prepared for me…which is so sooooo bad for my bank account. I just live a really lavish non-college lifestyle on a college budget. You can’t blame a girl for loving J. Crew skirts, Cole Haan shoes, Target micro-shopping sprees and whiskey gingers on Saturday nights. This isn’t to say I’m not a good budgeter though, because I am.


Because I’ve got a little more downtime this summer I’m going to be making more of my own food again and trying to be a little more economical than I have recently. I’m also paying my own rent for the first time. Since I won’t be going back to Wisconsin for the first summer of my life, I have to pay my own rent for the summer while I’m breaking the hearts of my friends and family back home who are so devastated they won’t see me (I’m not just saying that, people actually said they would miss me!! Hard to be believe though).

In this Phoenix heat, one of the most refreshing things is a cold cup of iced Thai tea…but at $3 a pop that’s not very economical is it? So let’s make our own!

You can pick up the Thai tea mix from an international grocery store, Asian grocer or Amazon– it’s a mix of tea leaves, that wonderful orangey coloring and a hint of vanilla.

Thai Tea

1 cup Pantai Thai Tea Mix 

4 1/2 cups water

1 cup sugar

 You choice of milk (I use 2% because…cheap) or half & half


1.  In a pot bring tea mix, water and sugar to a boil. Make sure you stir to dissolve the sugar and submerge all the tea leaves.

2. Let boil on medium heat for two minutes.

3. Remove from heat and let tea steep for 30 minutes.

4. Strain tea leaves from liquid, let liquid cool.

5.  Once cooled, fill a glass with about 3/4 tea and ice. Top off with your choice of milk or half & half.



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